Can't Shake You is live!

Yes, and ahead of schedule! Can't Shake You is available through Amazon and Createspace, in print or digital! So exciting! You can order here:

But wait, what's this one about? Here's the blurb:

Winter may have Lord County in a deep freeze, but passions-and gossip!-burn hotter than ever...

Between working sixteen hour days and being hounded by his mother to give her some grandchildren already, Jim Ascher is frustrated, lonely and more than ready for the future he’s been missing out on. But then his past crashes back into his life when he finds a car in the ditch—with his first love behind the wheel.

The last thing Melanie Starke expected when she hit a deer on a back country road was a reunion with the guy who broke her teenage heart. She’s always had a hard time letting go of the past and seeing Jim brings the hurt back fresh. And the attraction: Lord County’s most charming bachelor is so hard to resist. Jim says he’s changed, but should she believe him? Does anyone really change?

Lies, manipulations and misunderstandings drive a big wedge between Jim and Mel. But the sweet memory of first love mixed with some very adult passion is hard to shake. With the promise of forever on the line, they must find common ground before an old enemy of Mel’s takes their future out of their hands.

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