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January 9, 2016

Finally! After formatting myself to death (we're talking line by line, thanks for messing up my tabs and paragraphs, Office '16!) I finally got the finished product uploaded to CreateSpace and ready to go. I finished my cover art setup this morning and uploaded that as well! Now the fun job of waiting until the "team" looks over my work for flaws that may hinder printing. Joy! But once that is done and I jump through a couple more hoops, Something to Talk About will be ready to go in print and digital.


I'm SO EXCITED to see myself in print, after all this time! The only downer (slight) is that, I guess, because of the size of my book, the price for a printed copy is going to be a whopping $14.99. I was disappointed; I'd hoped I could keep it around ten dollars so it would be more enticing to buyers. But CreateSpace/Amazon has their formulae, and I do understand there are costs involved in printing a book. At least the Kindle version won't cost that much. Not sure about Kindle pricing yet.


Another interesting learn is royalties. Apparently my print royalties will be higher if people buy directly from CreateSpace, so I'll definitely encourage all y'all to go there and buy, if you desire a print book. But I don't have a CreateSpace page yet, because my book hasn't been cleared yet... Oh well. It will all work out, deep breath, stars and butterflies, yadda yadda...


Anyhow, as soon as the book is available I'll let you know. Now I'm off to beef up my bio on the website. It's looking pretty sad!





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