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Set adrift in promotionland

January 18, 2016

So there I was, my book in my hand, minding my own business...


And then I realized I need to think about promoting the doggone thing. (!!!)


After I got done screaming/sweating/weeping/worrying, I started to do a little research:


No, not that kind, lol. But I started looking into maybe getting my book reviewed, or promoting it through other sites beyond here and Amazon.


A hundred years later I emerged from the time-suck called the Internet a little better informed, but with no better idea where to start. There's a lot of options out there, people!


Three things I discovered:


That I'm a total baby. I want my book reviewed, naturally, but what if the reviewer sites don't like it? What if they really trash it? Then it's out there forever for everyone to see! Gahh! I know, I need to get tough and at the end of the day as long as I love my book, that's all that matters. But that little holdover from childhood is still there, pricking at me: I want to be popular! I want everyone to like me! (as Mike and Frank would say, Oy!)


That there are no guarantees. Submitting doesn't mean a published review. Yeah, I can push it out there, but if they don't have space/time/interest, it won't get reviewed. 


That I should have won the Powerball. If I want to be reviewed by the big guys, there's a price. Like hundreds of dollars per submission. And many other sites will 'promote' for a fee. Don't get me wrong, I'm willing to put some cash behind my name. But for real, I'm a librarian. We don't exactly rank up there, salary wise.


So I have to research more. And as that knight in the Indiana Jones movie said:


Until next time!

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