Give me a break...

Well, after a long think on it, I've decided to push back publication of "Just a Taste" to late October/early November. A little too much going on at one time over here: between the day job, a convention I'm involved with, another project that's taking up a lot of time...well, needless to say, I can't give April and Matt my full attention.

This kills me, because I'm SO CLOSE! So freaking CLOSE! I love their story and I want everyone to be able to read it right now!!!

Could I push it and publish by the end of the month? Probably.

But. (It always comes down to "but".)

I know if I pushed "Just a Taste" to the market now it wouldn't be ready. The editing would be rushed and the story wouldn't be as good as it could be. And I'm the kind of person who agonizes. And I would, endlessly.

I'm disappointed in myself for not getting it done like I said I would, but at the same time, I don't want to deliver a substandard product, either.

So, that's that. I promise I'll keep you posted on the release, and thanks for your patience!

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