Isn't it Romantic?

Today's post was inspired by Kristen Callihan, who asked on her facebook: What's the most romantic gesture you've ever received, or witnessed? I thought about responding there but there's a story behind it that probably would have taken up her whole page, so how about a blog post instead?

Most Romantic Gesture: my husband proposing to me with a Cleveland Browns jersey.

Doesn't sound too exciting, right? But here's the rest of the story:

Back around 2006, I had been in a relationship with a man (not my husband) for five years. We were living together and, for the most part, everything was good. Anyhow, our five year "anniversary" was coming up and he was really priming my pump, saying "I got you the greatest gift for our anniversary, you're gonna love it" and stuff like that. As the date got closer, we decided to go sailing on that day, a fun treat. Then he invited his mother, and other members of the family to join us, all while reminding me what a great gift he'd gotten me.

So what's a girl to think? Exactly, I thought proposal time was nigh and started to get excited. So the happy day finally arrives, we get to the boat, meet his family and he gives me my present. I opened it...

It was a Cleveland Browns t-shirt.

Yeah. For real. Don't get me wrong, I'm a Browns fan, but...really??? A f***ing t-shirt?

Needless to say, I was disappointed. In hindsight, I think he really thought it would be funny--not in a malicious way because he'd figured out I wanted to get married, but he just thought it would be a great joke. And looking back, that's right about when our relationship started the inevitable slide to our breakup a year later.

So, fast forward a bit: I started dating my husband in 2008 and for our "anniversary" in 2010 he presented me with an official NFL Cleveland Browns jersey. Customized with his last name on the back.

And he said, "I put my name on there because I'd like you to marry me."

People, I was so excited I clapped!!! Hands down, most romantic gesture ever!

In case you're wondering, yes, I had told him the t-shirt story at some point when we started dating. He remembered that, remembered that my birthstone is aquamarine and spent hours with a jeweler putting together not one, but two engagement rings so I could pick my favorite.

Yes, he's really that awesome.

We got married in 2012, and it's pretty much been happily ever after. Oh, and that picture above is my Valentine's Day card for this year. So cute! And it pretty much sums everything up!

Back to work, April and Matt are waiting!

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