Making time

I feel like I'm running on a treadmill this week. You know, going and going and not really getting anywhere. Had two tornado dreams this week (that's a topic for another post) and realized I'm a bit overwhelmed between work, home, writing, social media, promotion, etc... What I'd really prefer to do instead is this:

This is Edd, my cat/writing partner/critic/editor. Edd came into my life back in the veterinary hospital days, a stray from a construction site who fit in the palm of my hand. Obviously, things have changed since then. He's thirteen years old now and carries about that many pounds around. He's a cranky old tease, always laying down just out of reach of my fingertips and giving me the stink-eye if I presume to pet him one time too many. And he has the nap thing down to a science: he picks the cuddliest looking spot, snuggles in deep with a little cat sigh and doesn't move for HOURS. I tell you, I'm jealous of that cat's nap expertise. And the fact that his work week pretty much consists of napping and eating--who wouldn't want that?

Sigh...back to work!

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