Give me some sugar!

I have a review! Hooray! And it's such a nice one! It's on my Kindle listing, here:

(Aside: I wish I could figure out how to link the book and Kindle listing together, but I didn't see any option for that when I was publishing. Maybe I'll write to Amazon help people and ask about it.)

I was starting to get worried, to be honest. I mean, reviews are where it's at, so to speak. I could write the next Great American Novel, but if no one reviews it, then people (outside my immediate circle) won't know about it and there it will sit like the last one picked for the team, a wallflower at the prom.

Hopefully I will get more. Hopefully most of them will be as nice as the first. It's such a thrill! Another big thrill I got today was posting on Susan Mallery's facebook page! She's "sharing the love" by asking authors to post a few words about their books. So awesome--of course I jumped right on it!

Another cool thing--I'm officially an author at Goodreads and The Romance Review! Stop by and check out my profiles here and here!

Until next time, and maybe by next time I will be able to figure out how to enable comments. (You can comment on these posts at Goodreads too!) See you later!

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