I know this may sound totally queer (and I tweeted this same thing last night) but it is such a thrill to read my own book on my own Kindle! To see my words, the world I created, right there on that little device! I know when it comes time to publish the next book I'll be just as thrilled--seeing something like that could never get old.

In the land of publication aggravation, I did discover a few goofs in the formatting that made me grind my teeth. (Thanks again, Office '16!) Just a few places where the paragraph indented double, and a couple of other things. I expect to get my paperback copy in the mail tomorrow and we'll see if there are errors there. God, I hope not, but I've had so many troubles since the upgrade I feel like it's inevitable. Keep your fingers crossed, people!

And I'm not the only one. I posted a question about the problems I've been having on the Office '16 community board and I've gotten many replies. Several others are in my situation, where they are looking to publish and the formatting won't stay put. Hopefully this situation will be resolved soon if enough voices join the fray. If you have Office '16 and are experiencing formatting troubles, tell them! We need to get this mess fixed!

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