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Something to Talk About
Heart of it All, Book 1
Welcome to Mill Falls, a quintessential Ohio town complete with historic buildings, tree-lined streets…and gossip galore.
Glad Donahue's ready for a fresh start. She's got a new job, a 'new' old house that needs work and good friends to keep her days busy and her mind out of the past, which suits her just fine. She's perfectly happy on her own, and she most certainly does not want a new man in her life. But then a big, burly dark-eyed hunk of distraction shows up and throws a monkey wrench into her plans.
Mike Kovalski's in big trouble: one date too many and the town gossips have crowned him the biggest sleaze in Mill Falls. His straitlaced boss gives him an ultimatum: date a nice girl and clean up his reputation or find another job. After the mess he made of his life, the last thing he wants is a relationship. But the clock is ticking and, desperate, Mike sets his attention to winning over the new girl in town. Because after all, what could be nicer than a librarian?
Glad is as determined to resist Mike as he is to win her, and the gossips are even more determined to blow things out of proportion. Between truth and lies, speculation and surprises, Glad and Mike end up giving the Mill Falls gossips something real to talk about: love.

Just a Taste

Heart of it All, Book 2


Welcome back to Mill Falls, where the days are getting cooler...and the gossip's getting hotter.


After nearly twenty years, Matt Slade has returned to Lord County with two goals: one, to go into business for himself and two, to flush out the man who fathered him and left him to an abusive childhood. But then he's propositioned on a Wednesday night by the nicest girl in town and his business suddenly gets…complicated.


So much for acting on impulse. After being rejected-and ejected-from his bar, April has avoided Slade's and its surly owner. But Fate-and her book club-brings them back together and an inexplicable friendship is born. Matt encourages April to take just a taste of the wild life she's been wanting and April brings her sweetness and sunshine to Matt's grumpy little world.


Stepping away from expectations is never easy. Gossip, family ties and a big misunderstanding puts April and Matt's relationship on the rocks time and again but they keep coming back together, both needing the connection they only find with each other. They could be headed for the love of a lifetime...if Matt's secret doesn't tear them apart. 

Can't Shake You

Heart of It All, Book 3

Winter may have Lord County in a deep freeze, but passions-and gossip!-burn hotter than ever...

Between working sixteen hour days and being hounded by his mother to give her some grandchildren already, Jim Ascher is frustrated, lonely and more than ready for the future he’s been missing out on. But then his past crashes back into his life when he finds a car in the ditch—with his first love behind the wheel.


The last thing Melanie Starke expected when she hit a deer on a back country road was a reunion with the guy who broke her teenage heart. She’s always had a hard time letting go of the past and seeing Jim brings the hurt back fresh. And the attraction: Lord County’s most charming bachelor is so hard to resist. Jim says he’s changed, but should she believe him? Does anyone really change?


Lies, manipulations and misunderstandings drive a big wedge between Jim and Mel. But the sweet memory of first love mixed with some very adult passion is hard to shake. With the promise of forever on the line, they must find common ground before an old enemy of Mel’s takes their future out of their hands.

Beautiful Mess Kindle Cover.jpg

Beautiful Mess

Heart of It All, Book 4

She’s a sheltered nobody. He’s the wild child of the county. They definitely don’t mix...or do they?


Why is it that when you suddenly have money, everybody thinks they know how to run your life better than you do? Thrust into an impossible situation by an unexpected tragedy, Sienna Masters is desperate. With a houseful of junk to clean up, a looming deadline to claim her inheritance, awful relatives pressing in from all sides and suitors coming out of the woodwork, she needs someone she can trust to help her navigate the mess she’s in. And there’s no one on earth she trusts more than the man she’s adored since age five.


Determinedly single John Fonzi just wants to live life how he wants to live it. No claims, no burdens, no expectations. Problem with that is, he’s a helpful guy by nature and he’s not one to walk away when someone needs his help. Even when the one who needs him is the one he needs to stay farthest away from.Before they know it, John and Sienna are hip deep in the biggest mess of their lives, and the only way out is up the aisle. But with a little luck, their messy beginning could turn into something beautiful...