About Me

Okay, first off, I wish that picture of me wasn't so grainy. I do like it, we were at a Browns game and they actually won! For those of you that follow football and are aware of the travails of Cleveland's hometown team, you know how exciting a win is around here!


Anyway, back to the bio. I feel weird waxing on about myself, but there's someone out there, somewhere, that might actually want to know some of this stuff, so here goes!


I grew up on a farm in Upstate New York. (Yes, there's New York, and there's Upstate and never the twain shall meet.) My family owned an apple farm and between mom and dad and five kids (I'm the youngest!), we made it work. It was a great way to grow up: sure, there was endless work to do, sometimes daylight to dark but there was a creek to play in, trees to climb, kittens and puppies at regular intervals, tractor rides, fresh fruit and vegetables, a big barn and acres of rolling hills to explore. In case you're wondering, yes, I can drive a tractor. I could  also probably remember how to work a forklift in an emergency!


I went to school in a small town (about 1,500), graduated and went on to college, majored in English, writing and secondary education. To my surprise, the teaching market was flooded and I got to know the joy of substituting, which pretty much put me off teaching forever, lol. I met my first husband, we got married and had a son and moved to the Finger Lakes area. I still remember so clearly how beautiful it was out there, the hills and wildlife and the pure blue of those Ice Age lakes.


After a few job moves we ended up in Ohio, got divorced. I had to leave full-time momhood and started work at a veterinary clinic. One day my boss's brother's wife, who worked at a public library, recommended I fill out an application. Six months later they called, I got an entry level job and fell in love. Went back to school, got my master's degree and now I manage a children's department in a small town library.


While all that was going on, my son was growing into a fine young man and I started dating my second husband. He worked at the same library and we were friends for a long while before I woke up and realized how awesome he is. We got married in 2012, built a house in 2013 and moved to the quiet of the country. My son graduated in 2012 as well (busy year!) and entered the United States Marine Corps. I'm a proud M.o.M. (Mother of a Marine)!


When I'm not writing, or working, or pestering my husband, son, or our pets, I like to garden, love jigsaw puzzles and brain teasers and usually get the urge to craft something every fall/winter. I've done quilting, cross stitch and other crafts and have come to realize that, even though I dream on a grand scale, small projects have far better odds of completion!


I love morning coffee, bacon, lemon-flavored or scented anything, the smell of a fresh cut Christmas tree, walking my farm, holding my husband's hand, hearing my son's voice, reminiscing and laughing with my brother and sisters, talking to my mother on Sundays, bacon, my country, Ohio, small towns, cherry pie, pizza, owls, turkey vultures, the sweet, earthy smell of spring, grilling burgers in summer(with bacon), country music, watching the leaves change in fall, the perfect silence of winter snow, thinking, wondering, imagining, daydreaming and watching the pictures in my head come out on a pristine white page. And did I mention bacon?